Good Finds!

In sifting through the overwhelming amount of information available on the web, I found myself gravitating towards those most useful for an entry level designer like myself. A lot of the sites I reviewed are very technical, and, I’m sure, very helpful to someone with more advanced technological skills than I can currently claim. I hope that as we progress through these courses, they will start to make more sense to me. In the meanwhile, I found a few that were very helpful!

In her blog “Experiencing E-Learning”, Christy Tucker provides a user friendly explanation of Instructional Design. I found this posting, like many of her others, to be easy to read, and relevant to our task of matching design with the needs of the learner. I’ll be eager to check back in with Christy as my tech skills improve!

Another posting that I thought wason o really great comes from Rani Gill. Rani gives a terrific illustration of learning design as it relates to multi-media presentations. I really wish I had discovered this before creating the multimedia program for the last class! Still, I was gratified to learn that I was on the right track with at least some of my design elements.

Another really practicle site is The Rapid eLearning Blog. One entry I am eager to explore is a series of tutorials on powerpoint for e-learning. Here, Tom Kuhlmann offers great lessons on getting the most out of powerpoint presentations. I can see an enhanced e-learning experience ahead for my music students! I’m excited about it, and I think they will be too!

Keeping in mind that Instructional Design is not exclusively about technology, I was interested in the concerns of Dr. Greg Linton, in his post on cognitive overload. Dr. Linton expresses concern that the very structure of the typical school day and school year impede the learning of our students. Such organizational/structural concerns surely fall under the umbrella of Instructional Design.

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  1. Welcome along for the IDT ride! Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Mike. Are you a designer? Teacher? Student?

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